Ms. Wallace provides consultations and coaching to both political campaigns and organizations working towards social justice. 

Have you worked on a campaign in which there was constant employee/volunteer turnover due to a lack of healthy conflict management?

Have you experienced frustration with the upward battle of
fighting for social justice?

Would you like to be able to do your job as a campaign manager without constantly putting out fires dealing with personality conflict between team members?

If your answer is yes to any of the questions above, you need to hire a Professional Wellness Coach who specializes in managing emotions and conflict! 

Experience: Continuing her family legacy of service, Constance Wallace has previously served as the Chair of Communications, Press & Publication for the GA NAACP. Ms. Wallace also served in the role of Communications Director for several Congressional Campaigns. Ms. Wallace grew up in a political family focused on social justice. Therefore, working with Ms. Wallace will grant an individual and/or organization the ability to collaborate with someone who has a unique inside view of political life and social activism.

To provide a safe place to help effectively navigate the emotional stressors that are commonplace when running for political office or running an
organization focused on social justice.


  • Bootcamp for CEO’s, Campaign Managers, Candidates 
  • Burnout
  • Conflict Resolution 
  • Consultation regarding the decision to run for office  
  • Emotional Stressors  
  • Family Stressors

Constance uses her expertise and personal experience to educate on:

topics / programs

What I appreciated most was Ms. Wallace's ability to grasp the nuances of working on a campaign. She was able to intimately understand the unique experiences that a staffer and especially a candidate goes through during a campaign; furthermore, she could grasp the concepts (regardless of how poorly explained at points) and provide the tools for a solution that was so spot on and could easily be missed by someone who doesn’t understand the dynamics of working in a outward-facing, people-centric atmosphere. Working on campaigns can be grueling because it requires a person to constantly listen, interpret, respond, persuade, educate, and even console in one-on-one or group scenarios -- this requires a person to constantly be “on” to give their all into this work until there is little to nothing left for the individual. Having a therapist and practice that supports campaign staff, candidates and organizers is an invaluable resource to pour back into those to pour everything into their communities. Burnout is real, and having someone who can provide tools to evaluate, identify and even prevent burnout has been long overdue in this space.

"Never had I heard of someone who specialized in the high-stakes, high-demand, physically- and emotionally-taxing field of campaigning!"

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