This is a virtual space to receive support on your journey to healing from a licensed clinician while maintaining a positive mindset.

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Have you experienced trauma and are now unsure of how to feel about life? About yourself or others? 

Talking to a trauma-informed therapist who can address the above listed thoughts and questions has been proven to be extremely helpful. 

Experiencing trauma can be very scary, and many questions about one's future may constantly go through your mind. "What does this mean for my life going forward?" "Will I ever be the same?" "I thought I was okay, but now I can’t stop thinking about what happened."

Are you experiencing struggles in your relationship(s)? Relationship struggles manifest in various types of relationships, including romantic (marriage or committed relationships), parent/child, siblings, and friendships to name a few. "Can this relationship be saved?" "How do I establish boundaries?" "We want different things now, what should I do?"

You do not have to be alone with your feelings. Positive Outlook Group is here to help you.

At Positive Outlook Group, individual therapy is provided by a Trauma-Informed Therapist.

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If you reside in Georgia, Florida, North Carolina, or South Carolina, Virtual/remote individual therapy is provided for those ready to work on trauma they have experienced and/or relationship concerns. 

Presentations offered range from sharing information on navigating the emotional labor of social justice and racial trauma to understanding the impact on families when children experience sexual abuse.  

Coaching sessions are specifically tailored to address the emotional stressors that accompany working on political campaigns and the emotional labor associated with advocating for social justice.

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